Where is Biden’s true allegiance? Is it impacted by his I’ll-gotten gains? Did he ever hear of the PTA, come to think of it, is there still a PTA in your local schools within your county? Are you involved? Did Biden ever hear that in America we are free to express our opinion? We constantly hear that Trump was the Hitler in American politics, but Biden is advocating for Government schools to own your children, while they are in the classroom. So the parent should have nothing to say about what the child should be learning or not learning?

He added a gestapo to homeland security, then thought better of it, but we know, who his regime is really after. Beginning with his AG, Democrats no longer abide the law. They will not honor the recent Supreme Court ruling on states rights to control abortion laws. They will stop at nothing in order to rid us of remarks unfavorable to them in government.

Brandon; you will soon be the first President actually removed from office by impeachment — should the Dems not remove you first.

This man and his AG will be impeached “if” the Republicans take back the house and Senate as we know that they should, but, if riots are allowed to continue, this Country is once again set up for an election steel using the same tactics brought into the 2020 election. Will it happen? It certainly won’t be as easy, but it can certainly happen in states such as Ga, where we have already seen it in the primaries. It will happen in those certain Democrat led precincts impacting both congressional and state wide races.

Republicans need to do more than vote, we need to be involved in precincts where decisions are made and where elections are being decided and conducted, and where only a thousand ill-gotten votes may actually decide a race.