I have read over the past two months the book that my Son Shawn asked me to read. I’m not certain exactly what his motive was for the recommendation? We had been discussing Trump and the CoVid mishandling. And the question of whether or not Trump should run again. It was my opinion that he should, and that was when Shawn suggested the book by Dr Atlas. Rightly or wrongly, I surmised from that, that Shawn felt that Trump had either mishandled or else was incapable of opposing the very entrenched bureaucrats working on his own task force. I may be wrong on the motivation.

The more that I read of the happenings surrounding this task force, the more that I understood that the real truth of how things were decided in Washington would never have come out if it were not for the Trump presidency. Pence the second highest Republican in the land, who could have been President, was totally incapable of turning the tide of what was happening even though Trump brought in Atlas to assist with the common sense of the damage that lockdowns would do to the physical, mental and economic health of our nation. Had Pence been President we would have thought him to have been a total failure. Actually he came close.

In fact had the Democrats had the presidency then, the country would have been in demise as we are now seeing even without the major lockdowns of CoVid. Since this entire CoVid mess played right into their hands, we likely would have had no idea what had just happened because there would have been no way to even get a Scott Atlas and others to observe the failures of government that under a Democrat administration would have been totally hidden.

A quote from Atlas in the book makes clear what I just surmised. Atlas speaking:

“I soon began to appreciate the terrain inside the White House and therefore what my role would encompass. Two parallel worlds concerning the pandemic existed in the administration, and these worlds were in direct opposition to each other. On one hand, the president had identified, by his own common sense, what was patently obvious. It made no sense to suddenly shut down the entire American economy, essentially lock everyone up, for a virus that was severely dangerous only to the elderly and others with significant underlying diseases. He had no list of facts, but it wasn’t hard to see that the lockdowns, if they continued, were going to be extremely destructive. The booming economy, the key to America’s domestic strength and international power, as well as the administration’s main accomplishment, would disappear, with massive job loss. He also grasped the obvious, as would every parent, that children should be in school. If kids were not in school, it meant their parents could not work. And despite all the smart people around the president, no one ever mentioned the most obvious fact of all: the lockdowns were failing to prevent old people from dying, even though it was known from day one who the most vulnerable people were. On the other hand, his own administration’s public health experts on the VP’s Task Force were putting forward recommendations that promoted the very strategy he opposed: restricting business operations, testing and quarantining healthy people, closing schools, reducing group sizes, limiting travel and family gatherings. And those contradictory recommendations were not just presented in the media and to the public. All internal meetings involving Birx were filled with warnings and exhortations advocating locking society down, although never using those words. The medical recommendations in the Task Force meetings, run by the VP, focused only on stopping the virus and never once cautioned about the health impacts of closures and confinements.”

— A Plague Upon Our House: My Fight at the Trump White House to Stop COVID from Destroying America by Scott W. Atlas

Yes the country was being ruined and we now understand that what was being discerned then was so right. Liars rule this country and they love their power, and the fake News Media even as Trump told us loves the liars. Don’t ask me why, for that is too sinister for my wisdom. But discernment I did have almost from day one, and the blog posts will tell this story for you should you not believe me.

So what does my discernment tell me now? We need a better educated Trump in the politics of our land, and guess what we have one. Hopefully he at his age will hold up better than a Biden. This certainly should be our prayer, because he could be the next president? I personally believe he will be much better prepared to govern this time around, and that by no means is a criticism of the accomplishments from his first stab at the position.