This message from an American in Ukraine, is mostly verifiable. What is not is the motivation on Biden’s part to go along with the one worlders to defeat Russia. We don’t yet know his motivation. Yet, though that part is speculation, still it is more and more logical that it is a reason for what is happening between us and Ukraine and Russia.

Russia stands opposed to the new world order, as did Trump’s USA. Nationalism stands opposed to this worlds Satanic plan. Russia will not be defeated, simply because they still stand as leaders in the Gog Magog war. It is the USA which Bible scholars insinuate is missing from Biblical prophecy. We know that as a nation, we are not missing or defeated until we stop supporting Israel. Right now we are supporting Iran, whom Israel may go to war with any day because they will not allow Iran to have nuclear weapons.

I can’t help but remember a book that I read now decades ago which reported a vision given to David Wilkerson depicting What he stated to be God’s coming Judgment on America using Russia.

If things were not becoming so unbelievable and yes, so dire in and for America and our world; then I might dismiss a message such as this, but truth be told they are just plain dire. And when considering God and His appointed judgment proclaimed for nations who turn away from Him and His stated laws we might actually expect judgment on this nation even as the prophets once did upon Israel. This country has resisted God. That resistance would include His laws of nature, and His laws put in place to control man’s own sin Nature. Today we honor neither.

If we don’t don’t soon rein our leaders in, they are going to commit us to a war, which has potential to destroy us.

IMPORTANT – A Message for Americans