And what is beautiful in this is that the WOKE Liberals are losing their minds because they are losing their base. Black men are crossing over. Hispanics are appalled at the handling of the border, and they are crossing over. More Democrats are lovers of America than there are RINOs who have joined the America destroyers who are now mostly losing their races in Republican politics. Then there are those sane Democrats who are crossing over.

So what now? If this next election can be saved from being stolen there will be a reckoning for the crimes committed in the steal of the 2020 election. Yes, you are correct we will hear from the CNN lovers that we are destroying this country when we see executives and legislators and high level Democrats and Republicans face trial for treason, but remember this country now believes in arresting people for doing things wrong politically. The president has been set.

We have proof of that with Jan 6th; with Michale Flynn; with Bannon and Roger Stone and others, who have all been accosted for their support of a President, who was a real president not picked by the Elite of this country, but by it’s people.

Republicans have always played nice, while Democrats have ignored the constitution and laws and gotten away with it, but times certainly seem to be changing. Republican leaders are as mad as American patriots, and they have come to fight for this country. The real crooks had better get scared their lies are catching up.

I look forward to News Media outlets losing there FCC license when they do not have fair and balanced reporting on political issues.

But none of what is described here is even remotely possible without God. And right now it is the time for prayer.

Two interviews tell us some of what is occurring.

The first a is Kari Lake interview. Along with the second it let’s us see what is really happening. In the second you will see the demonstrated meltdown on the CNN Morning Joe’s attack on a celebrated Jewish war Hero.