If you’ve not seen the film or read the book you should. I lived in the South during this era when Clarence grew up. In fact I lived just across the tracks from the town where the blacks of that day lived. It was just outside of Winter Haven Fla. Yes, it was just across the tracks, but it was still a dirt street, with little clapboard houses intermingled with some brick houses, and even some paved streets. I played in the dirt street, with my toy trucks. No better than any black kid on the other side of the tracks. I knew that because my dad treated those who he associated with where he worked just like he did the whites working there. He spoke well of them.

When you watch this film, which is streaming free on ROKU, you will realize just how hypocritical most of your liberal fellow American leaders in this country really are. They have no moral code, just win at any cost. Biden was well equipped for what he is now doing.