What I laid out in the last post may have been totally rejected by you, or it may have frightened you, or it may have awakened you to the seriousness of our time.

I know that some of you are thinking, as I do, that God can, may or will turn this mess around, or at least delay it’s further demise; and certainly He can, but here is what I think is or should be important to consider; and it is that that does not change the fact that the signs are present for Revelations appearing (now or soon), and that fact has never before been the case, if you consider the scripture. And with that in mind, it is a certain fact that Revelation’s scenario will at some point in time actually take place.

In fact, in order for Jesus to return and destroy evil from the world it must take place. Think on this, because His wrath is poured out in conjunction with His return.

Many of you are calling out to God to remove this evil, yet we shouldn’t want this deliverance on our own terms, if those terms void the word of God.

Here is my thinking and it may be way off, but should God do what we are asking and destroy the evil from its current level of control, that then would only mean that evil would still remain as it was, somewhat in check, but more evil would come manifesting at a later time. True maybe not for us, but for others who are like unto ourselves, who then must endure these same things that we are now concerned over.

Also, we would need to understand that scripture nowhere makes clear a cleansing of the earth before Christ comes, which is now being proclaimed by prophets, and is being asked for by many. So, is what we hear being ask likely before Jesus returns? For it is then that scripture is clear that this evil will see its destruction.

Additionally there is no present unity within the body of Christ on what is now happening. We have Christian’s completely devoid of any concern over where we are with the signs of our time, and Jesus made clear when He was here that that condition was not good. Then we have this rather large part of the body that we just discussed recognizing the evil that is occurring and as stated here wanting God to eliminate it so that the world can go on for a lengthy period of peace led by righteous leaders. Then there is perhaps an even larger group rejoicing over what they see because they believe that God will remove them and us, (the entire church) from earth in the Rapture before the evil fully manifests in Satan’s coming Antichrist brief 3 and 1/2 year rule.

This disunity within the body of Christ does not seem to be the formula to cause God’s prolonging, but rather seems to be seen in what Jesus describes in Matthew 24 preceding the destruction of evil occurring with His return. So what if we are approaching the entrance into this time of greatest tribulation, which we know for sure is to yet occur upon the earth? More thoughts on this next time.