There are several ways to approach crisis when they come. The first is just to ignore it. The second is to be positive and expect things to improve, as they have most always done in our lifetime.

But the question can arise: is this time like other times, or does this have a different feel to it, does it actually have a different set of circumstances impacting it?

Here we are in another time of crisis. And there is a question I just can’t get past: When within American politics have we ever had a political party that simply did not care about polls, but instead just continues to charge ahead with very unpopular and uncharacteristic government edicts?

When have we ever had such brazen leadership within our formerly trusted “free press”, who would again uncharacteristically suppress what is actually happening in our world, and to fall in lock step with what is obviously destructive to our society and our economic well being?

When have we had present in our churches mostly pastors who were seemingly blind or else unwilling to discuss the evils of our society, which present to us such a clear and present danger?

I am aware of only few leaders within government or the church, who are warning of the need to consider the possibility that what is depicted in the book of the Revelation as we see these events transpiring. So must this last book of the Bible be considered, at the very least, as one the possibilities of the coming scenarios for our days ahead.

Not only do we see this country do a sudden 180 degree turn. A country, which has always stood firm for our national sovereignty and for individual freedoms for its own citizens. And then there was no question that America was first over all other nations, but now we see the total condemning of any such stand.

There are other things leading to Revelation’s scenario of one-world-ism. Technology is leading the world toward total compliance of the governed to a very different form of government; and to whatever it might want done.

Then there is The Catholic Church’s Pope, who is seeking for unity within world religion. Men at Davos are calling for one religion, and one leader to govern. Government leaders are constantly touting that we are coming into a new world order; leaders tout the need for a new order of government. The new world order is upon us. A digital currency is near completion with individual tracking capabilities.

All then that is needed is for the right crisis to appear that allows for the great reset that we are told is coming. What is that crisis? We are already in crisis of losing all sense of what is right.

Is the crisis they want the total collapse of the dollar, as it now appears will certainly occur as we continue this journey that our money printing is producing?

Is it the collapse of the capitalist system of supply that we as consumers have become so dependent upon? Most of us could not remain alive for more than several weeks without it. We ourselves can not produce for ourselves clean water, nor can we grow the food to put on our tables, and certainly incapable of producing electric for heating and cooling or fuel to run our vehicles.

Once the great reset takes control of these things that they themselves have produced for this world; then what will man be willing to do to obtain these things? Complete submission will be the price when the Revelation scenario comes. What will you do if God has chosen you to be here for that time, knowing that you cannot submit.

I’m not going to leave you hanging. We’ll talk more about this next time.