Jesus seems to give us a clue in His Matthew 24 and 25 teaching as to what we as a body of believers will see possibly in our near future. He warned of divisions within families. He spoke of deception and the need for endurance as He spoke of men falling away from their faith. I believe that He also exposed for us, with His description of the judgment of Nations, His means for the survival of at least some believers during a time when none bearing the name of Christ will have any means of our own with which to survive.

It is at this foretelling of this coming judgment that we hear of men from the nations, who remain present and alive following the destruction of the evil that will occur, when Jesus returns to gather those of us, who remain alive following the resurrection of His saints. These mortals, who remain following those events, are separated and judged based upon their having helped Jesus’ brethren, who at this point are now standing with Him.

Those there with Him, who were Raptured will have had no other means of sustenance following the beginnings of Tribulation other then these very acts for which Jesus now approves only one of these two groups. And — You know why they were approved.

So, right now in this our own time, we are learning not just from scripture, but from the world itself, about Satan’s evil plans for mankind. So, then there are definite things that we should avoid as we navigate what we see coming. The insertion of chips of any kind for any reason into our bodies must be avoided, as they will be trackable. The time will come to dispose of the possession of any technology that will allow tracking. These items that we now own outside the body, should be when time is ripe, bartered away. For at that time we will be dependent solely on the Holy Spirit’s guidance. We are not to fear him, who can destroy the body, but we are to offer love and yield our total allegiance to Him, who can destroy both body and soul in hell.

We should learn as much as we can from the past and the present persecuted and Martyred for Christ, as they have already experienced much of what is coming maybe soon for the whole body.

Great Tribulation does not mean that we individually will suffer any more than others have suffered down through history, but it is great Tribulation because no believer or non believer will escape the effects of the evil that does exist and exercise its control on this earth during that time.

The fact that it is becoming so obvious that God’s word can be trusted, should become clear both to you and anyone with ears to hear. This will be a time of great harvest, as you overcome Satan’s wrath against you, using nothing but the blood of the Lamb, and the word of your testimony against him.

God’s will be done. Should He determine that this is not the time so be it. But our attitude should be as John’s was, when he had this time explained to him — even so come Lord Jesus. Think about what John meant with those words.

God is working all things for our good, even when it hurts. We are to trust Him no matter what comes our way. These tough times will come for some group of believers one day.