Part of a recent e-mail discussion that I thought might interest you:

This response was written in an e-mail:

I have no doubt that there will be a red landslide in 2022. The economy will be for Democrats what Covid became for Trump in 2020. It may finally allow you to discover the truth about the 2020 election—it will confirm the truth for the rest of us.

I also predict that 2024 will go red and Donald Trump will NOT be on the ticket. I could really go out on a limb and predict that Ron DeSantis will be at the top of the Republican ticket. He has out-Trumped Trump and I believe he might be even more dangerous for the country. You will be very happy and I’ll be discouraged about our future.

I also predict that we’ll survive as a country but remain as polarized as we are now. It’s sad that we refuse to embrace the things we have in common to find compromise on policy issues. 

I pray that we can find common ground but I’m not optimistic that it will happen, at least not in my lifetime.

Further information on this writers stance not fully explained here: He does not believe in the steal. He is not a Trump supporter. He is a Christian. He is having a real battle with cancer and could use your prayers. His wife is also suffering headaches from a Hematoma. Please pray for her as well. I share here his views, because they are held by many Christian’s today. So please pray for both, God knows who they are.

My Response:

I hope and pray that you are feeling much better by now. It seems that you might be since you are somewhat up to engaging in communication. 

 It is difficult to know what will actually happen with this nation. People are too fickle when it comes to politics. If I’m betting it would be that events will occur or be created before the election that will allow for another stealth operation with congressional elections. 

Your prediction on survival is likely true, the real question is: Will the constitution survive. It is already gravely under stress.  

What has changed in politics is our morals. They were at one time pretty much aligned, allowing for some unity.  The left true to their name has left the basis (the foundation) of morality behind and the Christian Right will never agree to that. As the right looses its numbers and influence, or even our ability to stop the corruption, we will then become unified as a socialist communist nation with no decent, because decenters will disappear. 

The other scenario for unity is much more frightening, and is what is driving I believe the present strong conservative stand. It is a total government sell out to the CCP and communism, which comes from the weak feckless actions of our government. 

The giving up (total abandonment and shipping out) of arms and our military technologies to Afghanistan and now Ukraine, at a time when we cannot replenish much of our supply due to to our reliance on others for these products. 

You can down Trump as you like, but he was attempting to bring back to the country the manufacture of critical and essential products, which included energy, and without which leaves us dependent upon what were always, but are now becoming obvious as our enemies. 

So the reason for the (red —the Dems should actually be this color) tide is: that in this country at this time it has come about for these reasons. The morality issues are simply the foundation for strength, and for unity in a civil society. God established the morality standards with unity in mind. Sin is a divisive thing. It not only divides men but man from God. So your assessment on lack of unity is likely true.