Many including myself had hoped that Trump could be brought back in time to undue what a stolen election had brought to bear on not just America but on the entire world. It now appears that it is too late to save many from the starvation that is coming. Fertilizer and Fuel are now seen to be behind what will prove to be a low harvest year for food production. Crops have not been planted as normal, because things are not normal. This will naturally lead to lower fall harvests. When the realization of this truth hits home, just this knowledge alone will lead to empty food shelves. You need to consider what Dave Walsh has to say, and act accordingly.

You need to understand that Revelations wars will be different, in that they will lead to famines. We have lived with wars and even famines in these many decades of our times, but because evil now occupies the leading positions within the halls of governments — even in the west, what we now are seeing as a result is a foreshadowing of the four horsemen, which will not simply effect the poorer of the nations, but these events will be seen across the four corners of this earth. the impact of the book of Revelation is to be worldwide in scope.