I don’t know just how many of you have heard any of the white hat black hat rhetoric that some, who are also QAnon followers are sharing today? Although I am not a follower of them or of Q, I hear their theories of good Vs evil. I occasionally have watched Charlie Ward and a fellow by the name of Simon Parkes. Not related. Both are from England. I listen because I occasionally have these messages sent to me by fellow Christians, who seem enamored with the prophetic, stating that Trump would and now will still return. I at one time had some hope for that when I began seeing evidence presented on the steal. I hoped, because of what I could see then that actually is now happening, but a proven fraud was never more than hope, because the church was then, and is now still divided. My hope then for America was based on a revived Church.

My posts then revealed what I believed, but in those past messages that I shared were some of these articles from others, and along with them, I always tempered any of their stuff with a caution, that God will make His decision concerning us based upon this country’s Spiritual state, beginning with us as believers. Unfortunately we were then and still are all over the place concerning our discernment.

You see discernment is not only key in our daily decision making, but it is also key in our witness. Discernment is based upon wisdom, and true wisdom only comes to us from God.

I’m not talking here just about common sense wisdom, but Biblical right and wrong, moment by moment decision making wisdom that effects how we filter the input coming at us not only from the world, but from fellow believers.

God’s scriptural wisdom tells us that there are false prophets among us. That is the message that we get from gaining the knowledge of scripture, but that knowledge from scripture will not tell us, who these false prophets are. That requires discernment and discernment does not always come immediately into our thinking as we are bombarded with information. That particular gift of wisdom must come from God’s Holy Spirit prompting us to pursue His direction for us in what we have just seen or heard. This direction is not always immediate, it often must be prayed for.

My discernment concerning a Biden presidency was that it would not be good for this country. I wrote in the summer of twenty twenty what I had often heard stated about our elections in the past that this was our most important election ever. I even went so far as to state that we may never see another free election in this country if the Democrats were to win. What I said was entirely based on discernment as I am not a prophet.

Today I am watching our country quickly descend into what looks to be a coming chaos. Certainly we may be nearing a national emergency due to policies which almost seem to be geared toward a planned chaotic summer due to shortages, food shortages have only begun; High prices and electric grid blackouts, which combined certainly could bring about implementation of emergency procedures maybe even Marshall law during the span of time covering our 2022 elections. If this occurs, you should be on your knees.

Like I stated, I’m not a prophet, but my discernment is right now at very high level of concern.

We hear much these days – a word that was never before spoken in the United States concerning its own government’s policies. That word is tyrant. We hear it because we are seeing the evidences of it. Parents concerned for their children being classified as terrorists. Good men being drummed out of the military over shots that do not work. Over 600 Men who were allowed by police to enter our Capitol building still awaiting trials for more than 1&1/2 years without sentencing when the average sentence has been 45 days for the 71 + already sentenced.

The highest profile case (I’m now quoting): “The Florida man who hurled wooden boards and a fire extinguisher at police officers guarding the Lower West Terrace tunnel of the Capitol was sentenced to more than five years in federal prison—the longest sentence given to anyone charged in the Jan. 6 riot.” Yet: “So far, the median prison sentence for the Jan. 6 rioters is 45 days.”

This comes from an on line article written for Time magazine by: BY NIK POPLI AND JULIA ZORTHIAN

JANUARY 6, 2022 6:00 AM EST

Consider; is this America or a tyrannical regime? Over 600 persons had already been locked up for 13 months when the average sentence was 45 days. Hundreds still remain in prison. The police and our courts are intimidated by political radicals who are upheld and heralded by our media as the downtrodden, and who at the same time go without either arrest or prosecution for doing far worse to we the people than the Jan 6th predators.

Add to this that the Dems are scared that they will loose big and they should in a fair election in 22, and now, you have reason for lockdowns, as the liberal Media are giving them exactly what they need in the narrative to repeat the 2020’s election steel.

Most of this was foreseeable. And that was the reason that I made so much of the 2020 election. It was discernment.

And though I have no way of knowing how all of this will turn out, my discernment still tells me that evil will still rage beyond the 2022 election no matter how the election goes. Those like Simon Parkes and Charlie Ward who have proclaimed that we have already won I fear will have egg on their face, or else simply look to 2024 to see their predictions come to fruition.

The spiritual war that is raging is not yet won, just read your Bible. It’s upon us.