“Because of this, He says, Arise, sleeping ones and stand up out of the dead ones, and Christ will shine on you. Then watch how carefully you walk, not as unwise, but as wise ones, redeeming the time, because the days are evil.”
Ephesians 5:14-16

I’m sharing with you today an article having the purpose of debunking election Fraud in 2020, by claiming to have disproven its claims. The article from Apple News is yours to read, and digest. I’m using a few excerpts from it to make a point that you can either accept or reject. I’ll begin with some quotes, with my own thoughts concerning them.

“For months leading up to the event, conservatives who believed that the 2020 election was stolen had warned Lindell or an attorney working with him that promoting Hammer and Scorecard risked discrediting other efforts to prove the election was rigged. Two people, including election fraud activist Catherine Engelbrecht, the executive director of True the Vote, cautioned that they had had negative experiences with Montgomery and his representatives and that Hammer and Scorecard wasn’t credible,”

True the vote has since put out the movie “2000 Mules”, with its proof of the stolen election. There is no evidence presented against the validity of this evidence.

They continue:

Merritt told ProPublica that he feared that the hollowness of the data undermined other, more legitimate efforts to prove the election was stolen. Partway through the symposium, The Washington Times quoted him saying that “we were handed a turd.”

The fact remains that he did believe that there are legitimate ways “to prove the election was stolen”.

Again quoting:

In March 2022, ProPublica sent dozens of letters to the individuals named in this article and others that asked about factual problems with the evidence many had put forth as proof that the election was rigged.”

Without showing even one response to their request affirming their conclusions, they then write:

“Others contested the article’s findings. Russell J. Ramsland wrote, “So much of this narrative is false or highly misleading that I am not willing to respond point-by-point.”

I commend them for including this quote.

There is one piece of evidence surrounding their debunking that was suspiciously not pursued or explained, which would have debunked all of Lindell’s status with all of us, but would still not debunk other means actually employed to steal this election. So, the fact is, everything that Lindell had set out to prove was put at risk by him. It was to take him up on his $5mil offer to any computer expert, who can disprove his data as being false as to what it reveals toward the stolen election. This offer has been repeatedly made by Lindell with no takers. Why did these investigators not find even one of their own “interviewed experts” who would take up that challenge. They had everything to gain and nothing to lose, but by sidestepping this one undisputed fact they only add credence to the steal question.

An attempt to prove the validity of the findings in this shared article is shown in the next quote.

“Despite repeated requests, others did not respond. They include Sidney Powell, James Penrose, Phil Waldron and Todd Sanders.

Some, like Doug Logan, disputed that they had worked as part of a coalition. Others, however, felt it was an accurate description. “I was a member of said coalition,” wrote Seth Keshel.

My question: does “coalition” being an accurate description really mean anything about the accuracy of the information presented leading to their conclusion?

The statements contained in their article which they use to prove their case are never taken to the level of proof. They did not prove what the set out to prove: “that the election was not stolen”, nearly as well as those claiming proof of election fraud.

The lefts attempts to taint the claims of Fraud go to the discrediting of Trump and any one working on the fraud investigation. Trump we hear was twice impeached for Colluding with Russia to steal the 2016 election, and then again for Jan 6th to steal the 2020 election. Yet, there is far more reason to believe that the Bidens colluded with The CCP to steal 2020.

The left’s Media machine has done everything to poo poo this thinking, and nothing concerning Biden, but to suppress the publication of information concerning Biden’s involvement with the CCP, and the steal of 2020. Need proof? See movies Rigged 2020, and 2000 Mules.

Building the “Big Lie”: Inside the Creation of Trump’s Stolen Election Myth — ProPublica