“Cobalt Magnet” is the codename for dirty bomb drills happening now in Austin

Today’s Update comes from Brighteon TV, as follows: “[The Update] is one of the most impactful I’ve recorded in a while. I’m covering the dirty bomb drills now taking place in Austin, Texas. Those drills called, “Cobalt Magnet” and carried out by the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA), are not merely for show.

We have corroborating intel that says radicalized Islamic terror groups operating out of Afghanistan are making their way to the USA by exploiting Western European escape routes for Ukrainian “refugees” fleeing the war. They are building explosive vests containing either traditional kinetic (explosive) charges, or a combination of explosives with the augmentation of dirty bomb material such as cobalt-60.

They can be constructed outside the USA and brought in through the wide-open border.

The upshot is that the United States is about to be hit with radioactive dirty bombs that will target major US cities in an effort to spread mass panic and make these living areas uninhabitable. The economic disruptions that would follow such an event would be catastrophic.”

Is this happening? We shall see, but this is only one of the multitude of issues that can become a danger to us. And what we do know is that this administration is at the very least allowing for the transformation of this nation into a communist nation.

Our AG has openly announced that his office will go after parents who speak out against government policies at school board meetings. And they are proceeding with that totalitarian plan unchallenged by their captured fake News media.

In case we missed it: we are now operating as a communist state under the Democrat’s control. Does that shock you?Khrushchev told us that they would take us over from within, and we have now lived to see it come to fruition.

We have known for sometime that the Democrat platform contained very little difference when compared to the Communist USA platform. While they slept the termites did eat away their structure.

Unfortunately, we cannot rid ourselves of the termites without a fumigation. Trump tried it and found himself undermined as his understructure collapsed and he tumbled into the basement.

Can this nation now be saved? God won’t do it without us.

Get involved. Repent Inform and pray