The prudent man will do his due diligence.

The mind of the prudent acquires knowledge, And the ear of the wise seeks knowledge. Proverbs 18:15 NASB

Notice the prudent man is aligned with the wise not with the foolish.

The prudent sees the evil and hides himself, But the naive go on, and are punished for it. Proverbs 22:3 NASB

The prudent man does not engage in the evil he sees.

The mind of the prudent acquires knowledge, And the ear of the wise seeks knowledge. Proverbs 18:15 NASB

Knowledge is the key to wisdom, in decisions that effect our walk in this life with God. Knowledge from God is His truth that He wants us to navigate and walk by. Naivety is a character trait of the foolish.

I often interact with “Christian’s” who identify with Democrats in their politic. Unfortunately Democrats as a party have abandoned God and the Bible for their wisdom, and having done so, they then are unable to be discerning concerning the evil surrounding them. They somehow fail to see the direction that their actions will lead them. The very things that the prudent man will see and refuse to identify with they deem to be good, a registered voter will either choose for or against the world; or for or against God. His way is determined by his knowledge and is reflected in his vote or by his support or removal of that support.

The reason is clear as to the why that the prudent man’s decisions are important to him. He honors God through obedience. The prudent man seeks and acquires knowledge from all angles. He does his due diligence. The foolish follows the wisdom only of the world. He readily accepts the worlds knowledge. He partakes in it, becoming aligned with its evil, and he defends himself with it. He ignores major facts not only from worldly sources, but from God’s word; facts such as those presented within the article I share with you today.

In fact the foolish maligns such presented facts. In todays society he refuses to even consider these facts calling them conspiracy Theory. The prudent however knows that factual information needs consideration in order to attain pure knowledge. He engages it when he sees it. He pursues it to determine its efficacy. The foolish will not consider it. And thus the foolish winds up looking foolish when the knowledge that he refuses to examine actually comes to light. But few that are of the foolish are willing to accept the light, because they prefer the darkness.

Because of God’s Grace when the foolishness of the foolish is exposed; he then has an option. We have all been there, and we were labeled among the foolish. We were all children of wrath. Repentance and following Christ, who is all truth, turns us, who were fools into prudent men and women. One cannot walk with the foolish and receive GOD’s knowledge.

This truth is made obvious to us today just by observing the News media outlets. Is their leadership godly, trending toward God and truth, or is their bent taking us in a different direction? Remember concerning the News — their mission is truth. What they present to us is presented as truth. Every fact must be pursued to gain it. If factually it is not proving to be the truth; then it is not of God, but instead it is of this world, and it will lead to evil actions by the foolish.

It is interesting that God has provided us with confirmation as to our degree of wisdom or foolishness. When you read this attached article ask yourself about your discernment. What was it when you first heard this news? Were you interested in pursuing it or did you immediately consider it to be conspiracy theory? If it was the latter then what should you do about it, in order to avoid the same mistake all over? This is about you and God, and His discernment in your life. You cannot love your neighbor without God’s discernment. And you cannot pursue the knowledge of the truth without God’s discernment.