I even know some of you. I debated some of you. You’ve been outed. What troubles me most about you is the hypocrisy you engendered, and perhaps continue to engender. You talk about science, and you only were concerned about your own health, about your own protection from dying. You were blinded by fear, and that coupled with hatred for Trump caused you to lose your common sense, and throw science to the wayside. You lam-blasted those who tried to ground you with scientific data. You loved what New York Governor Cuomo was doing, which in the end killed the most vulnerable, and a greater proportion of your fellow Americans.

You refused to listen to reasonable science, hiding behind the highest paid now proven to be idiots in government. Men and women who had never actually treated one patient in their now failed careers. Many of you call yourself Christian, you claimed to love everybody, and accused those who didn’t agree with you of being conspiracy spreaders. You therefore refused to even consider their theories which were based much more upon science and fact than any that you sought out and embraced. You claim evidence from real Doc’s with real experience to be anecdotal, and claim as science vaccines which have not been tested, and you want them forced upon others who want the facts concerning there impact before allowing them into their bodies.

You put down the real heroes of out time such as Scott Atlas.

Read Scott Atlas’ book for a true assessment of your actions.

I know that is not going to happen. Only those of us with any common sense left will read about what actually happened inside the workings of government and Education.

Scott Atlas’ book is an excellent read.