Today many things are taking place that we should not ignore with the world’s currency’s. It may sound redundant and pun intended, but we cannot afford to overlook these happenings. On the other hand we can’t really effect what is occurring beyond our votes and prayers. We do know that the Bible tells us that one day believers in Jesus will not be able to buy or sell because they refuse to abide by the rules put in place allowing one to buy or sell.

So what is occurring today? Biden is involved with the occurring events either directly or indirectly. His policies are impacting world alliances between countries, which will impact currencies, and which will and are effecting the dollar. The dollar today stands in good stead only because of its world reserve currency status. Further Biden has signed an executive order, which has set in motion the possibility of an electronic dollar as a replacement for our paper money. The concern is government control over what we buy or sell, or even our ability to buy or sell. Those of you who voted for him may soon learn the importance of that vote. Don’t be so frivolous with your next vote this November. That is, provided you actually get a vote this November, but that’s not the focus of this post. Be informed with the attached article: