God put America in place to accomplish what this world needed. The message of the Bible went out freely with little to no opposition. Believers were free to spread the gospel far and wide across this land and into the remote parts of the Globe. This was done with little or no persecution on the homeland.

Today as we look about we observe in our churches a new spirit over the land. A gospel (the Word of God), which has reached out over most of the world is now being rejected by a majority in favor of a WOKE twisted form of God, which makes God into this god of man’s own creation.

The power that is contained in the Word of God is twisted making it of little effect on the Church or on the lives of those in the world around it, which is more and more turning church buildings into something unrecognizable by God.

Jesus is transformed into this example of WOKNESS; and is presented as just an example for one life among many others to be admired by many, but is unseen as the one to be followed as the Son of God, their creator.

Persecution of believers around the globe is on the rise, and even in the “free world” their is the WOKE understanding of believer’s, which began as a patronizing of the faithful, and is progressing into a full blown put down, and outlawing of Christian principles and of the morality presented in scripture.

And thus the world progresses toward a world filled with sin, yet it is unlike any other before it.

We now hear of terms describing our future that no generation before had ever heard, or even imagined. One must investigate the terms to even begin to understand what is being planned for the near future of humanity. Is their hope? Yes, but that hope lies is following The Counselor sent us by The Son of God.

Today I heard on the news that The Fed has come out advocating for a new Crypto currency to replace our dollar. The following will help you understand where we are headed unless God intervenes.