Thank you Senator Ron Johnson. Prosecute Now, is a push for the prosecution of several co-conspiring individuals led by Dr Anthony Fauci. It is headed by Dr David Martin of We The People.

Included here is a copy of the brief for pending court filings as drafted by attorneys for America’s Frontline Drs.

What you should know is that this is but one pending litigation before the courts of this United States. Something you will not hear from our news media. Having been involved in my past life with Nationwide Insurance, I find these briefs not only very interesting but very informative. This one outlines the case against Fauci and his cohorts with the supported facts in question.

⁃ It is difficult for me to understand just how brazen and unconcerned this entire group can be in light of the evidence against them. But then I come back to a post that I put out about a week ago (,) and it causes me to wonder if these guys must not think that they have immunity from any reprisals.

you will note when reading the twenty pages attached, which contain both the brief and the proposed indictment, that they are short, and easily understood. They extremely well represent the actions by each which requires this filing.