The United States and the free World are now in lock step with what was once considered by our leaders in the West as being tyrannical regimes.

Our Federal Government, all the Blue States and Democrat local run governments are now allied with radical opposition to everything that the United States of America once stood against. It now matters not what the majority of American voters believe or even what they are willing to state concerning what we should stand for, these radicles are running the government without regard to voter preferences.

Why is the political arena suddenly so changed? Politicians have always felt that they needed to play the political game no matter what they themselves wanted to push upon the country once they were in office. They at least told us what we wanted to hear in order to stay in office to win votes. But today what the polls say really does not matter to them politically. So there must be a reason for the change where they now just buck the voter.

For sometime I thought that they had the majority of American voters converted to their radical views, but it now seems apparent that that is not the case. What they now have is power and control in a majority of state and local governments. They have influence due to their large population base within their control, all around the country. They have also at the same time gained Media control. With no fear of the news. As a result they control elections, and those who have the right to work on and report on those elections.

With control over elections tyrants could care less what the majority of the population does with their votes. This is the way tyrannical governments have risen to power in this modern day.

The last needed, but not yet the final body in America to fall pray to radical government control has now seemingly been put in place, and it for us is perhaps the greatest problem. It is the U.S.Military. We saw the beginning of the takeover of the upper echelons of the military under Barack Obama.

President Trump apparently was kept mostly unaware of the inroads made therein under Obama, and he was thwarted at every turn in order to keep him occupied. So now we have seen this ongoing military demise under Joe Biden. With the military in their hands the populace can be easily controlled. And so we see an empowered Radicalized government, which has no need for the support of the voter.

There is now only one leg of the government left to oppose what is happening. That leg being the Judicial. At present they are the thorn in the side of the Biden Administration. Additionally we see only two Senators standing in the way of their total control over all federal elections.

If this thumb in the Dam remains throughout 2022 and including our next election cycle; then we may yet have hope. But should the Senate in some twist or fashion decide to yield up the votes needed to give control to the Federal Government on Elections before that time; then we are just this close to losing this country.