That is — to them no God. What I write here, I write to certain Atheists I know. A couple I know very personally, and live very near. Others I have encountered only on social platforms. These like the others want proof of God’s existence. What exactly is proof? Science in many respects has proven Creation, which requires a Creator, beginning with the Big Bang. But no matter how many scientists say that the statistics surrounding the fine tuning of our Universe certainly must infer if not actually point to a designer, still those who will not believe just double down on unbelief.

One can give them testimony of how God pulled them from the mire of sin, but the scoffer just scoffs. Testimony is admissible in court, but not for the Atheist. My testimony is furnished on my sight, but they call me a lier. I’ve never done any preaching but they call me a preacher. I write. They scoff.

I have done some teaching at various times in my life, but I only teach when I’m inspired by The Holy Spirit to answer His request to do so. They scoff.

I have been prayed for and immediately healed. They scoff, where is the proof that it was God?

I prayed for six months for Ellens healing from depression in 1995, I had taken her to several Drs with no heIp. She got only worse. I finally got mad at God. I told Him that I refuse to pray any more for something that He was well aware of, I told Him He could either heal her or else He wouldn’t, but He would not hear from me again on this request. I promised Him that. I walked out to go to work, slamming the door, did not pray with Ellen as was my practice before leaving for work, and I was mad. I had basically prayed the same or similar prayer for 6 months and it didn’t matter. I knew God had done many things in my life in answer to prayer. He had directed me to do things following prayers, which I did and with amazing results. (One Example before I go on with Ellen’s depression: following my baptism by Our Lord with His promised Holy Spirit, — I need to explain: that I had been studying this subject and process for sometime before this from the Scripture; but when it happened it was such a powerful experience.) He through the experience left me speechless over the power of this spiritual encounter.. an experience of controlling the tongue, an instrument, which by us is untamable.

It was the Sunday following this experience, which took place at a Full Gospel Business Men’s Meeting, while with a friend in Ft. Meade Maryland that I was approached. I was asked to teach the final session of a series of lessons on (you guessed it) The Holy Spirit. Pete, the party asking had no knowledge of what was happening in my life. And what made this more intriguing, was that I had attended none of these prior lessons, which were part of Training Union, a weekly Sunday Evening event at my church. I had in fact never attended a Training Union Meeting at this church, but here it was — an invite to teach this final session in this series, when I had never taught anything before. The invite was unexpected, but as soon as I saw the President of the Deacon board (Pete) approaching me, I knew I was to do whatever it was he would ask. How did I know that — I can’t explain it. But it did not change the fact that I knew it. What he asked me to do totally amazed me, and an excitement arose in me that I had only experienced as a kid when I had hit my first home run. And that probably really didn’t even compare when I consider the entire happenings. But, I right away said “yes, I’ll do it. At home later, I went to our bedroom to prepare and pray, and was given verse after verse in the order that I would use them in that talk. I was being instructed by the Holy Spirit of God. What I was given was the teaching that I gave that next Sunday night.

I had always feared even being called on to pray publicly before all this. Yet, there was no fear throughout the following week. That is, until the afternoon of, when thoughts started bombarding me — what have you done? This church doesn’t even believe in what you are about to present. I prayed, and an immediate peace came over me. Can I adequately explain it? Can I prove it? The skeptics say: “No you can’t, and I won’t believe it.”

The teaching that night caused women that I saw in the audience to wipe tears, and it also caused my pastor to turn against me.

Some believers in God’s Son, who heard that message would say: “it was Spirit lead”; others: “it was of Satan. The Atheists hearing it will say: “lies, I don’t believe any of it”.

So getting back to Ellen’s depression. I had walked out that morning mad at God. Why was I mad, well I’m still a sinner, but I also was starting to wonder why I was wasting my time. That prospect may cause you Atheists some glee. But, the amazing thing that happened that day was the total guilt I felt afterwards, was forgiven when I asked, and the following morning I got Ellen dressed, and as we were backing out of the Driveway, just to get her out of the confines of the house — on the car radio came an announcement for the opening of a new Minirth Myer Clinic in Vs Beach. This was in 1995 or 96, don’t remember the exact date. We moved there in 95, it was about 6 months later. But in the advertisement they described the exact symptoms that we were experiencing with Ellen. I looked at her and she at me, and I said we’re calling. We did and the rest is history. I don’t need to tell most of you but she with meds and adjustments to them slowly returned to normal, and has remained that way ever since. So some of you will say praise the Lord and mean it. Others will remain skeptical, and others (the Atheists) will say: “that proves nothing about God or if there is one”. They may even say “You’re a liar”. So this is for them, but not really, because they are committed to their own belief. It’s their religion. It’s where their faith that God gave them has been misplaced. It proves God, because it fulfills His prophetic word concerning them, and their disdain for Him and us.

I’ll still pray for those who hate God and hate those of us who know Him, and love Him, because one of them just might hear His voice and respond. At least that is my prayer. It’s for you Jack; and you Mike; and for you Ron; and you Joe.

When you hear His voice do not harden your heart.