Terry James says, when speaking of Babylon’s judgment in Revelation 14:

“This prophecy/condemnation given John by the Lord Jesus, Who is the Word, is part of the judgment of the city called “Babylon,” which will take place near the end of the Tribulation. That judgment from Heaven is God’s Holy Wrath poured on this system of evil that has deceived and corrupted all of mankind. This Babylon is the apex –the ultimate manifestation—of the globalists’ attempt to throw off all Governance of the Creator of all that is. It is God bringing to Fulfillment His prophetic utterance found in the Old Testament.”

“The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against the LORD, and against his anointed, saying, Let us break their bands asunder, and cast away their cords from us. He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh: the Lord shall have them in derision” (Psalms 2:2-4).”

This literal approach to what is happening during the Tribulation as it is explained within the Revelation reveals the actual timing of wrath and its impact upon the evil upon earth. Terry has it right Babylon and it’s fall occurs with the outpouring of God’s Thumos which leads to Org’e which translated equals Wrath. I explained the difference in Thumos and Orge (The Greek) words translated as wrath in a recent Post on Wrath. And I explained that the different Greek words intend a different meaning in Scripture. So I’ll not go into that again. What I will do is explore why some of The reasoning within Dispensationalism does impact the thinking on the coming judgment.

It obviously is ones understanding of the Scriptures teaching that is directing our understanding or belief concerning Judgment. And that understanding leads us to our conclusions.

So bear with me, because you must consider these things also for yourself:

Terry and all other Dispensationalists of the Pre—Trib persuasion teach that the believer in Christ once he is “truly” saved cannot lose, renounce or otherwise give away this gift, because Christ Himself is guarding our soul within His very hand, and no one can pluck us from His hand. That is scripture. That is truth. But to them that means no man including ones own self. Therefore if someone does fall away denying Christ; then that person we are told was never “truly” saved. You may believe this, but chances are you believe this, because you are totally committed to following Jesus, and you have no fear of such a fall. I myself have total trust in God to do for me what He promises. But I also understand and heed His warnings.

Our position concerning Israel seems to makes the difference in how we see eternal security.

When we consider Israel of old as compared to us today; they had a history of falling away in spite of the warnings given them, and in spite of the promises given them. They were under the old covenant, they had not yet been given the promised New Covenant, and we are under that New Covenant.

So, why did Paul tell us to learn from Israel; why did Jesus tell us to abide in Him – the giver of the New Covenant? Why did they both tell us not to deny Him? Why did Peter tell us that those who fall are like the dog returning to it’s own vomit. Can one return to something from which they had never seen deliverance?

Perhaps you’ve never fallen, but I have. I don’t recommend it. Falling from God’s protection is not necessarily a process. It is a decision to take advantage of His Grace. Long ago I made one such decision. Immediately upon my fall into sin, I understood David’s plea — Take not Thy Holy Spirit from me. God allowed me to quickly understand what a brass heaven was like. I moved from a fulfilled joyful life to a state of mourning grave loss. It took not weeks, not months but years for my full restoration, and it was a process. I was off the straight and narrow way, and at a “T” intersection. Which way to turn? Had I believed that I could not throw away the Greatest Gift of all —Salvation, I may have been able to lull myself into the easier stretch of pavement. A false sense of security may have taken me in that direction, but had I headed on, in that rebellion there is no doubt in my souls mind, that I would not be in Christ Jesus today.

The warnings of scripture have no meaning for the one who thinks them to be for someone else. The promises for those in Christ will have no meaning for the one who ignores His warnings. The real difference for every man who has ever entered onto the way that Jesus states leads to life, is just what happens when he takes a detour.

Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it. Matthew 7:14 KJ21

For some they never return; for some perhaps, they never leave; for some they know that they are on the wrong road but they think that the destination is the same; and for some only God provides the way back, because they know that without Him they will never find the way back.

Ask yourself, if you have ears to hear, just why Jesus told us that the way that you enter upon with Him “leadeth unto life? What does leadeth or leads mean? Jesus calls us to follow Him. He says that He is not just the gate, but His emphasis is on the Way. “I am the Way”. It is a straight way that He leads us that leads to life.

Judgment is not equal. Sentencing will be individual. Your only work is to abide in Christ, following Him on the straight and narrow way of trust and obey, that leads to eternal life. It is not always an easy path that we trod. Your rest comes at the end.

Revelation 22:12 “Behold, I (Jesus) am coming quickly, and My reward is with Me, to give to each one according to the merit of his deeds (earthly works, faithfulness). (AMP)

Giving your life to Jesus the Christ, is the only “way” to enter that foot path that leads to life. Listen: can you hear that one calling you — come, follow Me. No matter what sin or sins you have committed; He will wash you clean. as you follow. The weights and chains of your former way will be shed. If you have picked up added weight by leaving the path, only He can lead you back.

Here is Terry’s article the above quote is taken from:

Is “the Jab” prophetic?