What does all that we see and hear mean? Nations were the plan of God, and it was man’s understanding of life on this earth. Governments (Kings) were seen ruling nations. We as Christians after Christ understood this to still be God’s plan. Borders were expected and accepted. National borders should have made it clear to us that Messiah’s time was not yet, because one worldism requires no borders, or at least minimal borders. But even after Messiah returns there will still be nations with borders. Todays meaningless borders are an important sign of what? This is what we see occurring. during The reign of Christ from Jerusalem in Zachariah 14.

we pre-millennial’s Look for the coming of God’s Kingdom and the installing of the Messiah as King over Nations, but prophecy requires that a large part of the world will prophetically go borderless to end this age. Which is precisely what we are beginning to see on the world stage. This to me is another proof that God’s word is true, because it is happening.

Living through all this is placing us in Biblical times.

Now I want to ask some serious questions, but before I do I must set the stage. And these questions will surround what is currently happening not on the world stage, but in the Christian community itself. There are dozens of podcasts by western Christians who sincerely believe that the 1000 year millennium is about to be introduced, and that it will be brought on by a miraculous act of God, but without the presence of Christ. Melissa Red Pill runs a very popular podcast, she is propagating post-millennial views. She is not alone. Charlie Ward and a fellow by the name of Parkes, Simon, not Jerry, both propose this future.

We have previously discussed the prophets who are prophesying the return of Donald Trump. Somehow this is all interwoven.

It is being stated that we are about to see the purge of evil across the world stage, both political and business, including media related purges. There is a claim associated with thIs post-Millennial belief, which states that Satan has recently moved ahead of God’s plan in an attempt to bring in early (that would mean to them 1000 years early) the prophesied to occur Great Tribulation, which they agree is to occur before the Lord comes for the Church and to set up (not the millennial Kingdom), but the eternal heavenly kingdom following the resurrection.

The resurrection is seen as one resurrection for all men. At that time the great White throne judgment as well as the churches judgment is to all take place from the books including the book of life.

So to my first question: Whose biblical script are we to be following? It would seem that the fact that men are turning toward what God considers evil as Paul told Timothy would happen is confirmation that His word is true, and that the end is near.

But my second question is — is this all a charade put on to deceive by Satan? How can that be proven?

One question that I have which may help us:

Is Daniel’s sign for the end of the age more conducive to the post-millennial theology which will require 1000 additional years before the Tribulation can begin, or is that sign given Daniel when we see it not more conducive to a soon Coming Great Tribulation?

Here is the sign:

Daniel 12:4 But thou, O Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end: many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased. (KJV)

Have these things been happening in our day? Are we beginning to understand the book of Daniel? Are not we all running to and fro throughout the whole earth? Is not this the time of a great explosion of knowledge?

If you answered yes to most or all of these questions then Tribulation’s coming will not nor can it possibly last another 1000 years. As fast as things are moving toward evil it can hardly last another decade, possibly two before there is great Tribulation.

If Trump is returned to power, can things be delayed? Yes, he is a nationalist, wanting secure borders; but that would take a miracle. Can we pray for that? — yes. Will God hear that prayer — yes. Will He answer it in the affirmative? — I do not know.

Meaningless borders is an important sign of what? It signifies the only time in history since Nimrod that is prophesied in the book of the Revelation to be disastrous.

Folks it does matter what we believe. There are three main themes taught today by the church. Each one has a significantly different outcome regarding what we currently see happening in our world. There is no doubt why Jesus warned concerning these times: “be not deceived”. Your part in what is coming must be important to the Lord, but believing what is truth Vs deception is what is required of each of us. I’ll not tell you what to believe, but God’s word does tell us. Ask Him for wisdom.