What is the basis of “belief” and of “faith”? I’m drawn to this subject, because of my recent encounter with men on a site which is based upon an Atheistic foundation of belief.

I began to ponder just what “belief” is, and what it is not. First, I had to come to grips with the truth that what is believed by us does not make it true. Each of us have the capacity to believe stuff that is true, and stuff that is false. What makes us think that we know the truth upon which we found our beliefs, is different with individuals. With me my personal beliefs are more based on what I myself experience, and encounter from the testimony of others that I deem to be credible.

For example these Atheists, who have been challenging my belief in God, attempt to discredit God using the Scriptures coupled with a twisted logic, which in turn yields them their desired experience. They ignore the aspects of God that would prove them wrong.

One of them challenged God in his response to my post, asking for God to strike him dead, if he (God) really does exist. This creates his desired experience. He ignores that God will not do harm until He God has no other option. It ignores God’s love for every man — including himself. It ignores His being long suffering. It ignores His pouring out blessings through His creation on all men in order to gain their trust, and through their encountering Him coming to belief. It ignores that men without God can become extremely evil, and they can do that without even knowing it. Because without God our conscience becomes seared, and we can think that what is evil is good, and visa-versa.

So, Is there evidence in scripture that God has sanctioned the destruction of animals and children? Yes.

God does not hide His character. He is very open concerning the nature of His love and of His wrath. God will judge every man for what he has done. Genetically we are learning that more than just physical characteristics are passed down to us. Biblically sin is actually passed to us. When evil encompasses a society as it did in Sodom and Gomorrah then destruction of the entire gene pool is the most loving thing that a loving God can do. In so doing, God actually eliminates much of what would be accrued as punishment for those cancelled lives — especially for the young.

So we should understand that our belief is the basis for our actions, and it is those actions that will be judged.

To the Atheist, who has called down God’s destruction upon himself, don’t think that you have proven your point; because if that message to God is your last communication with Him, it will be honored. It may not be recognized by you in this lifetime, but you will know of it when it comes. You will likely know it on your death bed when it may just be too late, as the demons are coming for you. Jesus always was and still is the only answer to a changed life, and a life of power over sin and death.

It is becoming clearer to us that the prophetic scriptures are revealing our own times to us. Today’s shared video is relevant: