I’m sharing a recent study published in the Lancet Infectious Diseases Medical Journal, which tells us nothing new. What is not being told however is the rest of the story from actual treating physicians.

There is solid evidence that the unvaccinated and even the vaccinated who build the defenses in the bodies immune system can experience minor impact from any known variant of CoVid when actually exposed. It is known that zinc is the real block to the spread of any known virus CoVid or otherwise. Getting zinc into the human cells however requires a mode of transport and entry into the cells. That mode of transport is not Remdesivir which is killing people. And has been known to be a killer from previous trials and studies. The known transport needed is Ivermectin, or hydroxichloriquine. The internet is a great source for studying this subject.

If you’ve had the vaccine, you can still become infected and you can still die, with the wrong treatment. Get informed.