Then read this attached article.

I have informed, warned, begged and pleaded with Family, friends and foe alike to consider the facts before you decide either for or against this vaccine.

The first red flag for me was the composition in the formula from fetal tissue. The second was Fauci’s tainted background. The third was Bill Gates involvement. Aside from those flags was the unknown beyond what was believed to be, at the time, failed mRNA test results with any previous attempts using animals in these mRNA tests in the past. As time went on there were many more red flags raised. Truth always comes out in the end. And we are not yet at the end game. Sometimes you are proven right when it comes, and sometimes you are proven wrong.

At this juncture I have not taken the vaccine. I remain healthy. Others I know have taken the vaccine, and thus far most remain healthy. One is deceased soon after taking the second shot. But the long term effects of getting vs not getting are still an unknown, and yes, still surrounded by much speculation. None the less this article is appropriate. And for me the red flags are still flying.