“So what did abortion have to do with socialism?

Rush [Limbaugh] explained: “This is about the fundamental thing we all only have one of, and it’s a life, and we have a political party which is pushing every day for the right to kill whoever they think is inconvenient — and they’re gonna do it one way or the other. They’re gonna do it with law. They’re gonna do it with health care, and every time I would point this out, they would pooh-pooh me and say that I was being paranoid and irrational, and abortion was a standalone issue that didn’t have any growth features. It just was what it was.” (A quote of Rush Limbaugh taken from a newsmax article).

Euthanasia, has been around in discussions in our modern times for a long time. It was a hot topic in the 70’s within certain Christian circles, along with Abortion. The very things that we saw predicted then are happening now, but in much more subtle ways from within our government.

I’m sure that the minds that are conceiving of these things think that they are saving the planet. Euthanasia is perhaps seen by a godless society as a way to avoid extreme medical costs involved with end of life treatments, but when men use medicine to take the lives of the weak and the elderly in our society without their or our knowledge it is still murder. This is happening with apparent government approval, we know that because agencies are paying to euthanize CoVid patients (see todays shared article and video to be refreshed on that truth), even though it is not being openly discussed by anyone except in what is thought to be some theory of a darkened future; yet here we are in the very midst of this evil.

This is truly a world going mad.

Only God Knows