In the last year and a half of CoVid, and race riots, we have been introduced to an America that any of us over 30 years of age would have never thought could exist — not in our lifetime. Those of us who are Christian knew that one day the world including The U.S. would fall to a one world leader, and a system of governance that stems from the demonic. We are not told in scripture just how or when each will arrive in the order of things. But it seems that the system evolves before the leader is introduced. There are ten world leaders called kings in scripture who introduce the world to Antichrist.

We know that when he arrives that Israel is in place in her land, as we see her today. We know that fact for scripture states that he will pursue her when he comes before he pursues Jesus followers, who overcome him with their own testimony and the blood of the lamb. And this overcoming often ends in death.

We are already experiencing a change in the governments around the world as those in power unite toward a “unity” which in a biblical sense is antichrist. And looking at this “unity” in real terms it seems impossible that society would want it, yet here we are in america confronted with socialism — a system that has failed its people all around the world. A system that has forgotten God and man’s love for his fellow man. The system today resembles a modified system of what was communism, but in its evolutionary state it’s now called socialism. It eventually will evolve further into the one world government led by the Antichrist. If Christians think that we are becoming a pariah now, it has only just started.

There are prophets telling us that there is a great revival coming before Revelation gets into full swing and before Jesus returns. We can hope that that is the case, but realistically speaking hope only becomes faith when it is based on the truth of the Word of God. God’s prophetic word today cannot override His written word.

We know that we live in the times of the near end, only because of scripture. The signs are scattered throughout scripture by its various authors. Daniel was told many things concerning the Tribulation in his visions. The time for their fulfillment is made clear to us in the statement of what is only happening in our time. Many will run to and fro throughout the earth, and knowledge will be exponentially increased. The rise of evil and godlessness in our day is also a sign of our times. Will God allow revival in the midst of all this? Only He knows.

The shared attachment for today is further evidence of the evil in place over us. It’s a must listen sent me by my good friend and brother in the Lord Bob Canipe.