Mark Fitchem & Karen Fann, Senate in Arizona tell us what has happened.

People, truth matters, and it matters even more than ever today when the stakes are so high. The election fraud issue won’t go away. One reason is because the people of this nation did not vote for the tyranny that is happening in our nation. We don’t want what’s happening, and we are not going to voluntarily put up with it.

Notice I said voluntarily. I said this because if we don’t resist the tyranny it will destroy us, and we will become subjects of Tyrants. That means we are all responsible to act. One action is to get out information like I and others are sharing. But don’t just share it with those who agree with you, share it with those who think that we are operating as conspiracy theorists. People are only convinced when they see enough truth. Keep presenting it to them. They don’t want to lose this country, they are just not convinced that our leaders could possibly go the way of past tyrants. They need to see the proof. Show it to them. If they openly voted for the Tyranny, and seem to be proud of it; then hold them accountable for their vote.

Here are two short clips that they need to see.

106% of registered voter turnout in the two largest Arizona counties is outrageous. It’s the theft of your freedom, especially when we know that most elections are decided by less than 1% of voter turnout; and when most counties turn out less than 60% of registered voters in most Presidential elections.

What Democrats have meant when they say that they want every vote to count, is that they want 106% of registered voters to be counted whether or not they voted, and they want to cast those votes for them when they don’t vote themselves.

If you put up with that you will deserve the slavery of both you and your family that will follow.

We cannot afford to let them continue to deceive with propaganda.

Voting Laws Broken In Maricopa County Likely Broken In Other Places