Terry wrote a recent post complaining of the disrespect garnered from more than one opponent of his pre-Trib view of these end times, that we currently find ourselves within. Terry usually tends to select the worst representative of the opposition to his position; then proceeds to do a one sided banter with that party.

In his post, that I have referenced below, so that you can view it in full, (which is unlike what he did when only sharing excerpts from his chosen opponent), but it is therein that he states that there is no scriptural reason to be refuting the pre-Trib school’s interpretations of these passages that he references.

I have posted before about the verses he uses, and also others from which pre-Trib claims its support. There are in my view many reasons to question their understanding.

One example used by Terry, is where Paul says in 1 Thessalonians that before the Rapture the dead in Christ will rise first. So here is the problem, or question with This understanding. If the dead in Christ are to rise first, then that statement implies that there will be no more dead in Christ to follow that resurrection. But there are dead who are in Christ who come out of Great Tribulation, so how can the resurrection spoken of be pre-Trib. To say that the saved of the Great Tribulation are not in Christ is to say that these believers had to find their salvation from another gospel that is not contained in the New Testament writings. Yet these Tribulation Saints overcome Satan with the blood of the Lamb and the word of their testimony. They are in Christ and if they are saved subsequent to the founding of the New Covenant which Jesus brought forth; then the promise of resurrection and Rapture made by Paul in 1 Thessalonians and the sequence that told us of there is as much theirs as it is ours today. They will, after becoming believers, read the same covenant terms for their future as we do. The dead in Christ will rise first and then we who remain will be caught up.

If this were not the case, and if the Rapture could have happened, as they teach it, imminently, and that as far back as the first century for believers; then we believers today could also be post Rapture Christians, as they claim Tribulation believers to be. If imminence of Rapture is foundational to Christian teaching, without signs to proceed it, as it has been taught by them; then the “bride” could have been Raptured centuries ago. If that seems to you to be such a far fetched statement; then why is it not also far fetched to think that martyred believers from the Tribulation period are not part of Christ’s bride, which is stated to finally have made herself ready following the Tribulation there in the book of Revelation chapter 19?

Terry states here in this post that I am sharing with you, that he long ago stopped debating with anyone opposed to his view. He has in effect cancelled out other Christian views long before the Liberals began doing it to us. His thinking must be that he is the sole purveyor of truth.

One other point then I’ll close: did those in the first through the 20th centuries have no blessed hope since Jesus did not return in their particular day? Do we not have any blessed hope should He not come in our day? Terry implies that anyone without his belief is without this blessed hope.