Should the sleeping Church leaders not wake up and begin to inform their constituents, Then Socialism will continue the take down of our society.

Have you ever thought about what a slogan actually implies? For example MAGA standing for Make America Great Again, revealed, since having experienced its direction for ourselves, that it caused us to know that the purpose of the agenda was to return us to what had made us great in the first place.

So what exactly is the purpose contained in a Build Back Better slogan saying to us based on when considering what we are seeing? Ask yourself — what is first necessary in order for anything to be built back? Implied in the need to build back is implied that what has been, either has been or must at some point encounter the destruction of what was in order to have the space or area or reason necessary to build it back. In fact building back cannot occur without such destruction occurring first. Why is that? — it is because what is now working will prevent the growing up of what is perceived to be better. So ask yourself another question — what is right now being torn down, or attempting to be destroyed in America?

If you’re not asleep you can readily see it. It is no longer subtle, but it is openly occurring. The constitution must be ignored, or reinterpreted with a more progressive bent. Laws which progressives don’t like — Will simply ignore those. Politicize the agencies of government in order to control the citizenry. Make sure that elections go your way. Confiscate the wealth of the government, and of it’s citizenry, and accumulate it within the hands of men who know how to build back better once everything is taken down.

Today’s video shows just a small section of the destruction and it’s problematic impact on you and I. But not just on you and I.

Eerie Warning Just Given By Leading Billionaire! Blackouts & Social Unrest Coming To America!