Not an easy question to answer. Conservatives in general stand against Evil as it is depicted in scripture, and as it is understood to exist in tyrannical leadership. Liberals claim to be more loving than us, since they would never tell someone else how they must live. Leave religion out of politics, but they must forget, because this is their MO as well, at least it is with us conservatives.

It’s a human trait, probably built into our DNA by God. The idea of wanting to project morality, and that’s in my mind ok so long as it’s God’s morality and not mine. The question however is which way is truly the most loving, because we are supposed to be loving. Are parents who teach values, set rules and then discipline considered more or less loving than those who allow their kids to discover life with no road map, and no interference on their part?

Beyond but including these thoughts, conservatives are considered to be hateful as a result. We seem to base our understanding on facts, which because discernment is needed in order to arrive at any truth thought, most of us conservatives rely on the Holy Spirit to get us from a to b. Thus we credit God with what we come to know, and that somehow is taken to be haughty.

Conservatives tend to live a more sacrificial lifestyle. Following the Holy Spirits leading tends to make you that way. If you produce a pregnancy for example (even if you do it in sin) you feel responsible, and if the thought arises to abort this child; right away you know where that thought came from. You know it because there is a welling up in your inner man that allows you to know that even the thought is displeasing to God. That happens because His law is written on the hearts of His people. I’m not saying that liberals can’t be that way, but accepting not just the sinner but his sin as well tends to make one less discerning. You thus make choices in life that follow God’s leading or you don’t. But what you can not do as a conservative, is to approve of the sins that everyone of us can be tempted to engage in at one time or another in our life, because sinful acts do not and will not make us or our society better. This causes conservatives to be seen as hypocritical, because men even the best of us will fall at some point to temptation. Jesus died for that very reason — we are all sinners, but if we really have a heart for God we feel His pain when that rebellion occurs. We basically as a generalization as conservatives want every man to experience God, and His forgiveness. When a man forgives himself and others for sin without finding God’s forgiveness; then he is just basking in his own self righteousness. And all of that is as filthy rags, though it may make him feel really good.

But remember being conservative doesn’t make one right with God, but being right with God tends to bring us toward being conservative with our living, at least where God is concerned. And thus we hear if they hated Me they will hate you, signed Jesus the Christ.