We were listening to Glen Beck on our way to My Wife’s Dr Apt.

For those of you who don’t listen to Glen, you need to know that he is one sensitive good guy. That fact was obvious today as he told the story of 400 who had gathered at the airport to be evacuated, all paid for by the Nazarene Fund, but people who were not allowed to remain inside. Turned away by a United States military leader, and when they remained outside the gate after being expelled was when the explosion occurred that we have all heard of. It happened as they waited, and only one was able to be later evacuated. Glen did not elaborate on the reasons. But his emotion told much of the story. He says that there are thousands not a hundred as we are hearing who still want to be evacuated, and that time is closing in to where the job will need to be done one person at a time. You may donate to this work by clicking on the following link:


Then there are the Christians who have started the Christian Revolution fund. They have banded together to raise funds to oppose what is happening to individuals who are losing their employment due to no vaccination.

Lately I am asking what is happening to our rule of law? As a manager I could not ask if a person had aids or other medical issues, as the law denied employers that knowledge even when hiring. That law was to protect individual rights of the employee/patient. Still today when you go to the Physian’s office you must grant the written authorization to your physician to release your medical information to whom you designate. So how can an employer be encouraged by our government to require you to take a vaccine that is so controversial even to the medical profession. Folks we are no longer America, we are being ruled obviously not by Biden, but by what Trump called the Deep State. If you can’t see that, I seriously question your Christianity, because discernment is lacking, and you must be blind. Sorry but someone has to inform you. It’s the loving thing to do. If you want to help fight this lawlessness go to and donate to:


God bless you.