The last time I shared a Highwire report the above title is what I was told by one of my Christian friends, who watches CNN and MSNBC, and occasionally FOX. My Christian friend has also called me to question due to my emphasis on Truth. His emphasis is more love centered, with a motive toward unity. Not a bad goal, after all Jesus prayed for that. “We just need to get back to normal”. Trump completely divided us, is his understanding of just where we are, and of course anybody is better than Trump. “Trump completely mishandled CoVid”.

Well, do we need unity with everyone, except Trump supporters? — are they totally wrapped up in conspiracy theories, as we are told? That seems to be his take. He seems to miss the point of Jesus unity prayer in John 17. The unity prayed was for believers, so that the world would or might know the truth.

So how do we as believers unify in love when truth is at stake or is not even a focus of some among us? I for one can’t abandon truth for a lie, — why? Jesus condemned all liars to the lake of fire. Loving liars with the truth of the Gospel is one thing, but being accepting of their lies is dangerous.

This clip from the Highwire via Brighteon is a perfect example of why love without truth cannot be our focus when it comes to who and what we are to believe, and to unify around.