Yes He will, but is it His prerogative to have that say before the actual end will come? Once we see the Antichrist we will not question the time that we are in, until then we are seeing many antichrists. Until then there is still hope that they will be resisted by the Almighty.

And so we may be in a time when the deep state may have outsmarted themselves. The election of Biden may have brought about their worst nightmare. They just may have been so blinded by their hatred of Donald Trump and of his nationalist agenda, that they dared replaced him with an indefensible incompetent administration, one which would overstep every boundary sacred to this nations founding including the state compact which holds it together as the United “States” of America.

His mishandling of everything that he touches, just may be the catalyst that will lead the States to overturn his fraudulent election. The people are beginning to see that we would not be where we now are except for the steal. State legislators are beginning to see the light. There is no way that this man won this past election fairly. The forensic audits are already proving, and will continue to prove this to be fact.