It is extremely difficult to understand just why the truth about what is happening, with the rising number of CoVid cases amongst the vaccinated, is so difficult to grasp by the liberals among the vaccinated.

It is almost as if these individuals have lost their ability to reason. This virus has been on the loose now for over one and one half years. This has given more than enough time to assess the facts concerning this virus; concerning it’s treatment; and concerning the so called vaccine.

This virus could have been eradicated long ago with proper early treatment. Many Doctors have the evidence to prove this statement. These claims have been out there for several months now. And you can find them on my blog going way back. As a result many among us have long ago undergone a course of prevention against this so called killer.

We who have made this choice are now looked upon as enemies of theirs, by the vaccinated, and by the government who is trying to force everyone’s vaccination. Many are now taking the booster shots. But mutated variants are continuing to stump the liberal public and to make the pharmaceutical industry and those invested in them rich beyond their greatest expectations. But the problem is, this is not just about money.

In the meantime Sweden the only country to refuse lock downs, has now banned travel from Israel, the most vaccinated country in the world against CoVid, yet they (Israel) are currently the country with the most CoVid cases per million of population. And yet, the unvaccinated are still seen as the stupid ones in all of this.

After Portugal Now Sweden Bans Travellers From The Most Vaccinated Nation Israel