We often hear that we are in the days of Elijah. There is even a song by that title. If we are then there is scripture to support it. That’s what I’m about sharing with you today. But before I do keep in mind that there is an Elijah prophecy for the last days. Elijah will proceed the coming of the Lord.

I consider Johnathan Cahn to be a modern day prophet. But, if he is his message will be backed by scripture. This message is profound. It is placed before us to awaken us if we are not already awake. The prophetic word of God is given us to prove to us that God is involved with us in our day if we don’t already know this. Humility is at the core of the believers heart. He is a seeker after truth. He is contrite in spirit, but bold in his stand for God and truth, for our God is truth.

When you watch this you will either love what you hear because it is truth, and you are a lover of truth, or you will hate what you hear because you are blind to truth of your own doing. But there is hope even for the blind who call upon Jesus, for He alone can give you sight.

Listen and be amazed: