Early on in the conversation about CoVid and it’s treatment I heard proponents of vaccines say that Israel is doing the right thing. I used James 1:9, and I listened. I may not, at the time, have been slow to speak, but I did hear. I actually wanted to get rid of this virus and especially it’s impact on society just as most all of us did. The red flags that I saw, however, were different than the liberals red flags at the time.

Now, my red flags may not have all been correct, the verdict is still out on some.

One of my flags involved the too quick to act. The vaccine was a new idea (mRNA) in the handling of viral invasion, a thought to be: true red flag. The mRNA idea was not completely untested. It had supposedly been tested during the SARS outbreak. The results of those animal tests done with a SARS vaccine, we were told by some scientists, were not good. Still on the same red flag: there was the question of what was done differently in this vaccine to overcome those adverse results? And if things were done to supposedly correct that negative outcome: they had not been properly tested?

Another Red flag: some virologists who worked on mRNA said that it had not been tested. They made predictions, which of course had not been proven at the time, just as the changes in the vaccine delivery, if there were those, had not yet been tested and proven completely; so, their projections had not been proven either. It was all about science.

Now we are well into the experiment. The full result is still not in, because the full time allotted to trials has not run its course.

What we are seeing in Israel today, however, is supporting in some ways the theory used in the raising of the red flags; and it is at least partially supporting those who raised them. For example: There are injuries resulting from the vaccinations. There are deaths resulting from the vaccinations. There are CoVid cases occurring in the vaccinated. The questions raised up front that the verdict is still out on, would be: will the immune system of the vaccinated be compromised over time as the ones presenting this Flag are concerned about? And will the vaccines over time actually do more harm than good, by advancing the rise in the mutation of the virus?

I think that if we can focus our discussions on the red flags we may actually find some common ground with what is happening. Should you want to list the red flags that you originally saw, I’ll be happy to consider them. The only flags that I heard you as a liberal repeat early on was that these flags raised were all attributed to conspiracy theory; naivety and no science.

Following are the Flags now flying over us: we can only hope that these are wrong, because we all have friends and family who are vulnerable if they are not. My question would be: will the booster shots even further complicate or amplify the mutation effects to the detriment of who? — the vaccinated or both vaccinated and unvaccinated.