I had recently replied with the following answer to an e-mail that I had received explaining to me how much more the government and the FDA can be trusted over and above the resources I so often share with you.

Following was my response to that email:

Im sitting here waiting to leave for surgery. Reread your statement on the FDA and government.  Perhaps you can tell me and convince yourself why the approval of Pfizer’s vaccine was for a different named drug?  And why now that they have an approved vaccine all of the other vaccines, which are not yet approved will still be allowed. It’s my understanding that the approval of a drug would mean that all unapproved would automatically be then withdrawn from emergency use. Maybe I’m wrong but seems that that would  comport with prior actions from this body.  

To which I received the following answer:

“Boy, you’re really reaching here. Why try so hard to find ways to justify your preconceived rationale for refusing to be vaccinated? The name change is simply rebranding by Pfizer-BioNTech with the name Comirnaty. That’s very common so companies can market the drug/vaccine with a name that people can remember. Just pay attention to the ubiquitous drug names in TV and print ads. IT’S THE SAME VACCINE WITH A NEW NAME.

The other vaccines are on the path to full approval with Moderna about a month behind Pfizer. It’s common to have multiple drugs to treat lots of diseases. I’m not aware of an FDA policy or regulation that would cancel EAUs for additional vaccines under development as soon as one is given full approval. Give me examples of when that has happened and for which vaccines. In any event, the FDA can waive some of their regulations under certain circumstances. It would make no sense to deny the use of other vaccines that are on the path to full approval, ready to submit the additional follow up data the FDA requires for full approval.”

In response to that answer I sent the video attached below. But before we get to that I’ll visit my title: Wisdom Comes From God.

First, I think that we have all struggled with this virus. Where did it come from? Why has God allowed it? What does it mean? Is it an escape from the Wuhan Lab? Is what is being stated about Fauci’s involvement with gain of function research correct? These are just a few of the questions, as you know there are many more. The question I have is this: what would the wise or prudent man do in response to these questions? Would he seek further for answers or would he just dismiss them and proceed on with the shot? Would he seek wisdom?

If so, some of that wisdom is shared to us through the scriptures. Some is shared to us through men, who know the scriptures. And some is shared through our own quest for truth.

At the same time foolishness comes from ignoring God, or from ignoring the wisdom He grants in the scriptures. Or we can ignore the wisdom of men who go beyond their own understanding to learn from others, and gain and share with us what is verifiable within God’s creation.

What amazes me sometimes beyond my natural ability to simply believe, is the fact that wisdom is not always possessed by those who should know how to be informed. Sometimes faith is misplaced. And sometimes assumptions are made just because they have been privileged to attend the best schools, and learn from those considered brightest in our society.

We constantly observe that outstanding Intellect can be completely devoid of wisdom.

But on occasion we are blessed to run into men of great intellect, who also know God and possess His wisdom, and additionally the willingness to share it. Such is the case with Dr David Martin. In this video he gives God the credit for his talents, and has shared some of the wisdom learned as a result of his talent.

Listen and decide what seems to you to be most prudent: