This seems to be our nature. We want the easy way to riches; The easy way to happiness; The easy way to health; The easy way to salvation. It’s the latter on which I want us to focus.

When God created man, He knew from the very beginning what would be the end of man’s fate. But He created us anyway.

God knew that freedom would mean the growth of evil. Even in the perfect setting within the third heaven where God resides, there was found to be evil in the mind and soul of one called Lucifer. That evil was either created by God or else it was allowed by Him. There is a big difference between the two. Which was it? Due to His allowance of freedom of thought and purpose for life in his creation; it can be suspected that evil was allowed.

You must make the choice as to which direction you proceed, because God had given you the freedom to do so. Otherwise, He has created you with a program to cause you to do the wrong that you do. Which is it? Even in the perfect setting of paradise Adam fell and the circumstances again were the same — Freedom to choose.

You are given either a freedom to choose or else you are programmed to choose. What is interesting is that you will, if you believe in God, choose to believe one or the other scenario, or something in-between the two.

Those who believe in an everything from God predestination believe that the warnings given in Scripture are to bring us to fear God. But why? For one programmed to fear needs nothing else but to follow the program. The fact that God, who created man even knowing that He was then predetermining the fate of all those who would not choose His ways, does not mean that man individually himself is predestined to destruction, because individually each has a choice. Man was given choice. So unless one so chooses against all of God’s warnings to do his own thing, he can thus thwart the consequence of God’s warnings. Even the man who chooses for God today and who tomorrow chooses to go his own way, is not doing this out of following a program, but out of following his own heart. His own will, and not God’s will for him.

Jesus said in the end when facing the cross: “not my will but Thine be done”. He was operating as the lamb of God in the flesh. This statement helps us understand that flesh has its own will. Jesus had humbled Himself, and taken on the form of a servant. He wanted His Fathers Will for His own earthly life. We who are now in Christ have also taken on the form of a servant, and we have the same choice between my will and God’s.

In Exodus we read:

And said, If thou wilt diligently hearken to the voice of the Lord thy God, and wilt do that which is right in his sight, and wilt give ear to his commandments, and keep all his statutes, I will put none of these diseases upon thee, which I have brought upon the Egyptians: for I am the Lord that healeth thee. Exodus 15:26 KJV

Today in America we are guilty of the neglect of God’s word and of the neglect of His commandments. Commandments that Jesus had wrapped up into just two commands. Man’s will is still seen by God when observing man’s actions for judgment. Our actions toward both Him and our fellow man are what becomes important to God.

I’m sharing following a previous post where you will find comments, or discussion on this sometimes difficult to understand doctrine (the doctrine of election and predestination). These comments may help you with understanding what I am saying here. These may also generate additional discussion. The post itself you may also find interesting. And keep this verse in mind when considering this topic.

And if it seem evil unto you to serve the Lord, choose you this day whom ye will serve; whether the gods which your fathers served that were on the other side of the flood, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land ye dwell: but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord . Joshua 24:15 KJV

God’s way is a choice to follow His Son.