Jon Rahm, and Bryson DeChambeau both young, both healthy, both have had CoVid which caused them to quarantine.

Jon has had the two series vaccine and has had CoVid since taking the vaccines. Bryson is vaccine hesitant. He has also had the virus. Both have recovered and shot great rounds propelling them to the top of the leaderboard since having CoVid. Neither are wrong for what they are doing in response to this virus. Both Quarantined with the virus as they should have . Only one is being criticized, shamed and told how he may be subjecting others to an early death from CoVid.

Why is that, when we know that the vaccinated are also spreaders. They are also getting sick. Some of them also die. And why is it that some can only see the vaccines as the total answer to our current condition, and seem to recognize none of this.

I was thinking on this while recovering from cataract surgery. After the cataract was removed from the first eye, it became so easy to see the difference in just the colors produced by the new lens vs the one not yet corrected. And it was like God said to me: men’s vision today is clouded by the evil that came upon them just as gradually as the cataract did with you. Their spirit has been clouded, and they have accepted the condition around them as normal.

What men are refusing to see is that a vaccine alone will not correct what is causing their societal problems. Government alone cannot; no president alone can. What we think to be normal is not what God wants for us. Only He can surgically remove the clouding caused by man’s failures. He alone is the answer to the recovery of sight needed for this world.

To get where we are, Adam ate of the tree of good and evil. We possess knowledge of both. We are now accountable to God to not only choose between the two, but to exercise our knowledge of both good and evil in order to make our choice. To do that we must explore both sides. Far too many of us simply try to accept that all that men do is directed toward our good, because all of God’s creatures are basically good. To adopt that philosophy is to be misled, and thus deceived.