What do they know that they think that we do not know? Nothing really, if we listen to His Spirit, and we have the Bible. We also have been hearing for some time now that the rich are preparing for very difficult times, as they work on bringing about their New World Order, and the bloodshed expected as the world is cleansed of nationhood advocates, along with their thought to be, narrow minded religious and freedom loving bigotry. And so, we should not be surprised when we read:

“Your father or grandfather’s bunker was not very comfortable,” said Robert Vicino, the CEO of Vivos. Vicino saw an opportunity to manage and sell high-end doomsday shelters that specifically cater to the world’s mega-rich. To this end, Vicino’s company has purchased multiple sites all over the U.S. that can house the country’s super-rich. It even has a site in Germany known as Vivos Europa One, the amenities in which can “rival most small towns.” This “modern-day Noah’s Ark” contains a chapel, a micro-brewery, a mini-museum and even a small zoo. Customizable quarters can be purchased by invitation only, and they sell for nearly $6 million. These can include private swimming pools, movie theaters, aquariums and gyms at the owner’s request… The world’s richest people are investing their money in purchasing property to escape the coming collapse. They have invested in property that is either deep enough underground or on an island separated from the rest of society. These super-rich people believe the only way to deal with the coming collapse is to ride it out in style in their luxurious shelters. (“World’s super-rich investing in luxurious ‘billionaire bunkers’,” Naturalnews.com, Globalresearch.ca, News.yahoo.com, Theecologist.org, TheMarketHearld.com, TimesNowNews.com, Rapture Ready News, August 20, 2021)

I have tried to be clear in my past messages, to point out what the Bible predicts for our time in history. Even those, who are of a new age persuasion, use scripture to project and prepare for future events. Many of these are followers of a Luciferion faith.

Our having knowledge of what those, who advocate for the coming “great reset”, are doing to prepare may help us see where we are in time. Many are prepping for what is coming. Believers are frankly all over the place with end time expectations. Some expecting a golden age before Christ’s return; some expecting Rapture before The Tribulation, and some of us expect to be here for the duration.

Jesus had warned us of the deception that would be a present danger, and even more so in these days in which we live. Trust the Lord and expect the Holy Spirit to lead you in truth.