When a person or Company or Government does not give us the whole truth there is always an ulterior motive. If One leaves out certain information about their day when speaking to their spouse, it’s because They don’t want the spouse to get mad or even divorce them.

So why do known government statistics seem to always get left out in the reporting concerning CoVid? The skeptic in us would have to think that there must be an ulterior motive.

The spouse who learns that there is more to the story, will jump to some conclusion, so does a population, who is having information tainted, and finds that this is happening on a regular basis not also do the same?

If you have a sibling who is being repeatedly cheated on and everyone knows it except your sibling, what do you do? You get up the nerve to tell them. When you do your sibling may refuse to believe, so you take them evidence, but some siblings may still refuse to believe, and in fact take it out on you. They may even call you a lier, a conspiracy theorist.

Is this not exactly what is happening today in our country. I have sent out articles (probably 100, revealing that there is something sinister going on here, and some of my friends call me a lier (conspiracy theorist). They refuse to believe that something is wrong with this picture. To admit the truth is too scary. It’s not the loving thing to do.

Some of my friends actually believe that Biden and the deep State running him have brought back civility to our country and world. Forget the fact that our spouse/leader has cheated with China to destroy our marriage/democracy. That is too hard to bear even the thought of.

Truth sometimes is terrible, but not facing it can lead to even mor disastrous results in the end.

More Than Half Of Hospitalized Patients Tested COVID-19 Positive Only After Being Admitted – Leaked NHS Data