I know that it’s said far too often, that there is a double standard in the administration of the laws of the land. Why do you suppose that is? We have often said that the Republicans talk big but are a do nothing bunch. We have seen some changes in that with Trumps support in both houses of Congress. But his appointees in both the Supreme Court and the Attorney General’s office were the same do nothing appointees. Nothing was done about the real insurrection which took place by the left.

Trumps supporters in both houses have been cancelled now that the Dems are in what they deem to be their preordained position of power over us do nothings.

So why do I say we’re too nice, because we put up with this unequal treatment. We don’t riot, because we never would. That’s not our way. The Jan 6th “insurrection” tells why we would not rebel. Just look at how that has been handled. It was obviously set up when you look at the Capitol police, under House Speaker Pelosi’s direction those who would dare to enter the capitol: “Just come right on in”. They moved barricades, while others of them just watched. Then there was the involvement of ANTFA. and still we have been good boys and girls. We take what they dish out in a way that allows them, and even encourages them to screw us. And they are not afraid to accommodate.

Their has been not one of the arrested so called “insurrectionists” actually charged with insurrection.


Why not, because there was none. But they need to keep this scenario front and center in the minds of the public, so we see it touted in the halls of Congress; by the Fake president; by the socialist media. We see the unfair treatment of those who were arrested, and we still don’t even demonstrate.

But there is hope. The states are seeing their elected Republican officials get angry about the election steal. And Americans are gradually awakening to the inequity of the treatment of those who have always loved this country and the diversity of its people. And those lovers are both Republican and Democrat. But we are growing weary of the Communist/Socialist influence having all of the rights.

Our biggest problem aside from our own complacency is the decline of the protection by our top military leaders. If this current government were faced with a demand to yield to the control of the New World Order — what would they do? And what would we do? How will Communist China react to the soon to come accusations over their involvement in both the election and the Wuhan Virus outbreak. They have placed their chosen leader as the head of this countries leadership. They have banished their formable enemy Trump, and we may just be on dangerous ground. So just what will they in conjunction with their appointed government over this country do when it becomes apparent that they have covertly attacked our Republic?

If we do nothing else, we must realize the situation we are in and repent and pray to God.

I have stated before that we just may be entering into the time referred to in Scripture as the Tribulation. It will depend on God. Our Father already knows what we will do, and those actions will determine His already known response. God’s will be done.