I was recently sent an article to consider due to my decision to not take the “vaccine”. It’s author is a believer. He has some points worth considering. But no answer for the real questions. I’ve tried to enclose a PDF of his write up, but it will not copy here. I will try to share it to WordPress as a separate post. I did this and it will not come through. So, I will speak to some of what he says concerning our body and the vaccine — Listen:

From our Author:

“Biologists name these little 3D printers ribosomes. These wonderful tiny machines print proteins based on instructions from your DNA blueprint. That DNA blueprint has coded in it all the proteins that all 30 trillion cells will ever need during your lifetime.”

But, Waite a minute — these new “vaccines” have within them a mechanism that will add a new protein called a spike protein. Listen:

From our Author:

“The instructions for your 3D printers (ribosomes) come on a long thread. These printers read the instructions from that thread to make proteins needed in your body. There is a different set of instructions for each protein your cells manufacture. Biologists call this long thread of instructions mRNA.”

But but the author didn’t tell us that, it is this mRNA that will interfere with our immune system in ways that we do not know, and it is being introduced with the “vaccine”. This is supposed to be short lived? Is it? We don’t really know it’s full impact — do we? It is not yet fully tested.

From our Author:

“God designed every cell in our body to manufacture proteins with ribosomes (the printers) based on instructions coded in mRNA (the threads). This is important to remember.”

I totally agree — remember this.

From our Author:

“A technique to wrap the mRNA in a little particle which could survive outside a cell was the next breakthrough. These particles were small enough to be allowed into a cell. Once inside the cell, the mRNA would be discovered by a ribosome (our 3D printers) and that ribosome would make the protein based on the instructions in the mRNA.”

Ok, now consider what the author of this article stated in the beginning: “That DNA blueprint has coded in it all the proteins that all 30 trillion cells will ever need during your lifetime.” So, why then are we adding a spike protein?

From our Author:

“We now come to what I consider to be the God inspired part of the story. For me this inspiration is based on timing. The ability to make mRNA instructions and the ability to get that mRNA into a cell is a fairly recent development (thank God!). These developments are the basis for the Covid-19 vaccine and this is the first time this technology has been put to use.”

Our author is now claiming “God inspired” knowledge, I presume. And he is claiming that this perfectly made 30 trillion celled body was not perfectly made to begin with, because God now has just realized that we need a spike protein introduced to fight this virus.

From our Author:

“How does the Vaccine work?

Early in the pandemic, the complete sequence of the virus was published. This sequence is the exact physical description of the virus including the important spikes that the virus uses to sneak into cells.

When you get the vaccine, the little spheres enter some of your cells. The spheres are destroyed on entry releasing the mRNA instructions into your cells where your ribosomes (3D printers) start making copies of the spikes found on the outside of the real virus.”

So, we might now ask what causes the destruction of the mRNA on entry. We have never been injected before with mRNA. What are the scientific proofs of this?

From our Author:

“When your immune system sees these spikes starting to float around in your body, it says “what are THESE doing HERE?” Remember that these are just a part of the outside of the virus so they don’t have the ability to replicate. Even so your immune system realizes they are foreign so it manufactures antibodies against the spikes.”

Ok, the spikes cannot replicate themselves, but what tells the ribosomes to stop producing these spikes?

From our Author:

“Remember that mRNA does not last very long, even inside a cell. These means after you get the vaccine, a short time after you get it, all of it has degraded. In that short time however, your immune system has been given a hint about a key structure of the virus and has had time to start building defenses.”

Again, what message shuts off the motors that are producing the spike protein?

From our Author:

“The vaccine is given in two parts. The first time you get it, your cells have to manufacture the spikes based on the instructions and then your immune system has to recognize them as foreign. By the time you get the second shot, your immune system has started to build a defense. With the second shot some of your cells start to manufacture more spikes but this time the immune system can say “Hey it’s YOU AGAIN…I remember you..GET OUT!” The response is much stronger than the first time. This is why some people get some symptoms after the second does [dose]. This is good news because it means your immune system has been trained to recognize the thief!

After you are vaccinated, if the real virus tries to infect you, your immune system will more quickly notice the virus because it will recognize the spikes on the outside of the real virus. You may still have antibodies floating around which can immediately immobilize the virus. After that your immune system memory cells can still recognize the virus.”

The author states that he is not a virologist or professional in this area of expertise. He writes this in order to promote the vaccine from a Christian perspective. I will attach the entire article for your information. Along with another article written to refute what the Frontier Drs group here in the US are concerned about, which is the Cytokines Storm in patients who have been vaccinated and who later contract the virus. This is still an unknown. But Cytokine Storm episode is a recognized potential problem. This article apparently was written to relieve this concern (I have attached its link) but, it does not even address the real concern; which is what happens to the vaccinated person who then gets the virus? Because in previous trials on mRNA vaccine for SARS, this was the problem found with deaths in the test animals. Most all of them died when they contracted the actual virus due to Cytokine storm events.

This is the question that needs an answer — will the Cytokine storm kill people as it has animals?

What has made this vaccine so controversial is the push to have everyone vaccinated before we have answers, and the shut down of any raised concerns over social media. That shut down is an affront to free speech, and a red flag as to motives behind pushing what is a questionable untested vaccine, which is really not a vaccine.