Truth in our day is truly under serious assault. Those who are honestly looking at what is happening in our world, and yes, in our country must know this. These are the times that one familiar with scripture has known for decades must come. These are times we had even hoped for, because we knew that Jesus would come surrounding times like these. But now that they are here, we had better understand that these are times that will try man’s souls. These are times of deception; times that are bringing fear over what is coming on the earth. Unfortunately they do not seem to be times when men are turning back to God, but rather times of purging.

“Where is science [and the theologian] in all of this? I feel the need to state, at this point, that I don’t mind attacks on ideas. I have always liked and even sought out robust debate. Science can only progress through a process of new hypotheses being proposed, being attacked, being refined and strengthened; religious truth can only rise through the honest religious leaders of all perspectives seeking together for it. But what we see now is not science. It is the obliteration of science itself:”it is not religion but confusion. Some of the thought here about science is taken from the rielpolitik article, the religious thoughts are my own: if you believe in Jesus it is time to awaken, lest you be deceived.

Humans built SARS, Fauci was involved. It was funded by DARPA IN 2005.