This is taken from the article that I have attached, at the end of this blog. But chances are 90% of our population will not even consider whether or not what is alleged here could be true. And this fact is what makes it so easy to allow for deception in these agencies to continue to happen, and their reporting to be considered “true”, when it is a bold lie. Thus we are trained today to pay no attention to the whistleblower or to the dissenting position. We have been trained to give them no thought, because we are trained to think that proving them right or wrong is to be the media’s job. The media has always in the west sought out truth on these things and about these people who are our “protectors”. So what has happened in recent decades is difficult for any of us to accept. It can be compared with the birth of Christianity. In those days the Jewish religious authorities were God’s keepers of truth, so how did they miss the Son of God’s coming to earth. Today we have in a way trusted our media for our non-religious truth. What have we missed out on by believing, what we believed, when thinking this to be a Christian nation adhering to Christian values?

The answer should be obvious. We live in a spiritual world and that world is opposed to truth. What made America great was it’s insistence on getting to the truth. What is bringing America down is the willingness to abandon truth.

We have been willing to forget our own obligation to the truth, and instead have yielded our understanding of truth to secular institutions, created initially with good intentions, but having within them a little Leaven. And as happens over time our misplaced faith has failed to see where this has led.

Today’s outlet for truth, the media, is now run by men and women with a political not a godly agenda. And when a whistleblower comes out and speaks real truth we have already yielded all secular truth to a news media in our nation. So, we find ourselves yielding to them even as men were prone to do with religious leaders in Christ’s day in Israel. Let it up to the experts. What if the experts were to cancel the whistleblower even as the Jewish leaders did with Jesus. So think about this; truth cannot be cancelled out, it will be revealed. But even then not all would believe. So for most recognition of truth will come too late.

Some brethren only concern themselves with their pet portion of Biblical truth, but all truth is godly and of God, and all lies are of Satan. Satan’s world is a world of deception, and Jesus says be not deceived. It is to our advantage to tell the truth even when it hurts, even when we may not want to believe it. It is also up to us to pray for and search for the truth. For the truth is freeing. The truth will set you free. The lie is binding and will put you in bondage.

Psalm 25:5 Lead me in Your truth and teach me, For You are the God of my salvation; For You I wait all the day. (NASB2020)

If you are buying into the lies told to you in religion, or in society, then you are not seeking and serving God, and His Son, who came to save you from the liar.

Todays shared truth is worth your consideration:

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