The court stated, the test’s reliability depends on the number of cycles used and the viral load present. Citing Jaafar et al. 2020

Yes this was a conspiracy theory, but it is now revealed to be conspiracy truth.

We the presenters and readers of this blog have known this truth for many months. Now as I stated in my last post much of what we already knew is coming out. This little scheme is now officially made known by the courts in Lisbon. The truth is the PCR tests because of the deceptive use of them, made even a common cold to be Seen as a Covid-19 positive. And every patient testing positive was given COVID-19 as the cause of death. The reason behind all of the lies is still theory, but the conspiracy is proven to be real — Why? Because most countries and jurisdictions used the same false, and in some cases sinister methods to conflate the numbers.

Read about the Lisbon ruling here:

Lisbon Court Rules Only 0.9% Of ‘Verified Cases’ Died Of COVID, Numbering 152, Not 17,000 As Claimed