What is Truth? This was pilots question and it has continued to be the big question throughout history ever since he first asked it. It is the question on the hearts and minds of the world today. It was our question when we suddenly were made to know it’s answer at that moment of our encounter with the Holy Spirit on our own personal road to Damascus, and our resulting face to face meeting with Jesus the Christ.

But now, today, we are being asked to understand a different kind of truth. This truth involves the avoidance of deception, and the understanding of our times.

Stay alert. Following is the attempt to fact check and put to rest what was called a conspiracy being presented by Dr. David Martin, as he put it forth. Then in Jan 2021 Reuters presented the reply in their version of what “really”happened, because Martin could not be right could he? Almost all of what he has been saying is now being proven correct, and the real conspiracy was what Reuters and others presented to cause the questioning of his facts. But as more info is coming out every day on this bio weapon, you and I are told in scripture to not allow ourselves to be deceived on this and many other very important matters. The salvation of many is at stake, for only truth will draw men to belief. First Read the fact checker:


When fact checking truth, with the motive of disproving it, there must always be a spin or deception involved. The evidence examined is the only way to know truth. Evidence, which formerly was known from the whistleblowers, is now coming to light, and it is revealing even to skeptics what many men and women have judged early on as truth. And if the skeptics, but hear, they find that their skepticism was all wrong. The truth never changes. It has been and still is being told as it was revealed from the beginning. It has not changed. It is not a theory of conspiracy. It is the telling of the conspiratorial participants and of their actions to gain wealth and control. Thank God for truth.

God, because of what He asks of us, has a responsibility to make the truth knowable. In order to allow us, who are His people, to know the truth He make even the deception known. Otherwise He cannot tell us to not be deceived. In the following piece Dr Martin lays it all out, and it really has not changed. Even the fake media is now, while still in a conspiratorial way, starting to present bits and pieces of the truth that we had already been told by Dr Martin and others months ago.

Listen, and you will realize that even the media is now telling some bits of what has already been known.

The liberal media has been the real purveyor of the lies told in order to deceive. Today’s liberal media in this nation is bought and paid for by those who have a need to deceive us. They deal in lies, because their father is the father of those lies.