There was a time when laws were not ignored by our courts, and then there was stability in the land. The law was the law and one knew what would happen if one broke the law. So what has changed?

One would expect the government which makes the laws to uphold those laws. We should have known that when Congress began to exempt itself from the laws, which they made (just for the rest of us), that we were headed for trouble; but we kept electing these law breakers. Then Presidents began making their own laws by way of decree (Executive Order), mainly because congress was too occupied with politics to do their jobs. But the crucial, but not the final, blow to our Republic has occurred at the Judicial level of government. I say it’s probably not the final blow, because we still have a military, but I’ll get to them in a moment. But the judicial on the liberal side have now become involved in politics rather then in performing their intended function of enforcing the constitution and the laws previously passed, which laws they are to be judging as to being either constitutional and legal, or unconstitutional and illegal. The attached article is representative of the problems in our judiciary that prove this point, and these types of actions are taking us to a place from which we may never be able to recover.

This court case displays the unconstitutionality of the rulings from that portion of our courts, which are governed by liberal judges. In keeping with the Constitution, the law states that ones medical history is to be private between patient and Dr. The ruling in this and most other cases from liberal judges have displayed a willingness to legislate from the bench rather than rule based on the rule of constitutional law, which, as stated, is their charge. It is not just a prerogative, which they can ignore at their whim; but nonetheless this is what they are doing.

The military is the final piece to the line of defense in upholding the constitution, and the liberals well know this fact, as was pointed out to me just today by my friend Ron S. The Dems have taken quick action to put in place their own military leaders, those who are obedient to their cause, and obviously not to the constitution. This then is actually the final piece of the puzzle needed by them to take total control, and to lead us into a socialist Republic akin to Russia and China.

The handwriting is on the wall for America.

If you love freedom you will get behind the investigations into election fraud, but I warn you it just may be too late, short of a God miracle that is. If you think I’m all wet, just listen to the second shared piece below. Quite frankly folks we have already all but lost the battle for freedom at the national level, and our last bastion of hope lays with the State governments. When the most powerful party in our federal government has control of the courts of the media and of the military it is all but over, but should the states decide to fight the system recognizing what is at stake; then the control over the states that the Dems now seek to implement may just miraculously find some reversal to the planned socialist takeover of this once great nation.