Possibly the last great experiment in the history of the creation of mankind is coming to its end.

Throughout Ages past men walked in a type of freedom so long as they were subject and obedient to the Elite of their day. Kings and Monarchs ruled. Peasants stayed in their place. Greece and Rome were somewhat different. Being a citizen of Rome for example meant more freedom to the citizen. It gave the citizen certain rights and appeals that the noncitizen did not possess. And then less than 250 years ago a new system of government was born on this continent— a government of the people, where the people were to be involved in the calling of the shots through their participation and their votes, and the governing branches did the people’s bidding following the rule of law and the Constitution. The people themselves ran for and served in public office. A similar form of governance spread throughout a large part of the world.

We were forewarned even by the founders of this experiment that it may not last. And sure enough due to the sins and desires of the people this nation a Republic,which had spread democracy has begun it’s quick decent into the annals of what could (for it and the world) soon be considered freedom past. For the people became satisfied to let a growing elite do it. Sinful desires began to impact and to actually influence the laws of the land. What once was a moral society with a respect for its creator is headed the way of other failed societies.

So what are we to now do about this demise? My part is to tell you that God had already told us that it would not last. It will not. There is no thousand year utopia on this earth; not until Jesus returns, and even then it will not be utopia for many. Jesus will rule with a rod of iron when He comes.

Those, who have absolutely no acceptance of the idea that these evil times will come before that utopia is seen, may be lost in disappointment. The fact is that our blessed hope has always been in God’s messiah — in His coming and our being changed either through the promised resurrection or it’s accompanying rapture.

Fact is, these evil times are even now upon us, and though we don’t want to hear it, they will get much worse at some point according to scripture. And it seems that this will occur when this nation ceases to be the beacon of righteousness and is no more a force for freedom with which to be reckoned on the world stage.

In the interim we are to attempt to make this country a more just and righteous place for all who are willing to stand for that cause. If we are persecuted for that cause you can know that the end of the age is near. In that day God’s message is to come out from among them, because He is about to pour out His wrath in the world that He has created.

Those who will be overtaken in the slavery of these coming days under a New World Order will, when these days do come, have No recourse, No faith following that fall it they become subject to it, and No hope. But—Today before man is captured in this coming slavery, it is still the day of salvation. Seek Him while He can be found. Walk with Him. Learn of Him. Learn from Him. Jesus is coming. Until He comes you are asked to be overcomers in Him.

The fate of this nation and of this world rests in God’s hands. He has allowed us to choose our own way, and it seems that the way is being lost. There is hope, but these days are critical to the future that God already knows will come, because He is God and as God He possesses foreknowledge. That foreknowledge is presented in His prophetic Words of scripture.

Though this American experiment of man will fail even as all of them have; yet God’s plan to rescue those who believe in Him will not fail.